Reviews of Famous K-Pop Voting Apps (2020 Edition) Pt. 2

Everything is gonna be simple and easy, as well as voting for your idol.

After I finished the 1st part, with 4 apps in the beginning, so here I am again to continue for 4th, 3rd, 2nd, and 1st position. Once again, these reviews are based on both my experiences and survey that I took (I have explained this in Part 1). No need a long speech and let’s get started!

8 of Many Famous Mobile Voting Apps in K-Pop Industry

In my opinion, this application is quite SUPERB! Why? Because, here, we can also see the album chart provided by Hanteo. But, this application is also quite heavy, approximately 55MB for Android. Maybe, it comes from the effect of the chart feature because it needs to be real-time update. The reason I put it in position #4 is actually it’s not bad at all, but, that “bad point” is the logout button is too difficult to access because it’s too “deep” (you know when you have to go through several steps to reach your goal, sorta like that) like I put in 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pictures below. Usually, we easily find the login and logout button at the corner and Whosfan should do that too. Moreover, this apps also has the advantage that we can create multiple accounts at once and the login-logout button will definitely make it easier for users later. Based on the vote results, there were also 6 people who chose Whosfan to be in #3 spot.

UI Design (profile page in specific) of Whosfan (credit to myself)
Bar Chart of Whosfan

Honestly, I really love Mubeat. Because, it is simple and not slow. I rarely find any difficulties when I use it. Yes, it’s really easy to use. But, in my opinion, I am not comfortable in the “Settings” section of the profile page (1st picture). Because, who knows if the icon is a “Settings” icon which turns out to contain the login and logout buttons (which again is negligible but has very important roles)? At first, I was confused about how I should switch accounts and it turned out that I had to press the icon in the upper right corner. The icon could have been fixed to a “better icon” that shows that it is a “Settings” icon and also (I won’t get tired of discussing this) because the login and logout buttons are the most essential in any application, they should be made more visible and accessible rather than we should go through a few steps to reach that small-but-important buttons (it has the same case like Whosfan). But, still, I like Mubeat because it has the least amount of flaws among the previous applications that I have reviewed. I think most of voters agree that because they put Mubeat in #1 spot.

UI Design (profile page in specific) of Mubeat (credit to myself)

Mwave has two application versions, mobile and web. But I mostly use the web version. The application is very easy to use, in terms of login, which is trivial but very essential, it’s clear where it is (because maybe this is the effect of my eyes, who like to automatically glance to the right or left to find the button or the login icon LMAO). The navigation is straightforward as well and goes straight to the voting menu we want to go to. Everything went almost perfectly until the last seconds of voting time, which made the website crash because there were many people voting at the same time. The majority of website problems are here, right? As well as for their mobile version. Well, it’s better that it needs to be fixed from the backend side before it getting worse. Based on votes, 8 voters chose Mwave to place in #3 spot. After all, good job Mwave!

UI Design (front page) of Mwave (credit to myself)

(Finally reaches the end!)

IDOLCHAMP is the first apps that I have used (and that I have known) to support my idols since around 2016 or 2017 and I use until now. From year to year, I also accidentally pay attention to this application, it turns out that there have been many developments, from the appearance to the features. I like a lot about this, somehow maybe this is an application which is familiar to me and that’s also one of the reasons why I put it in the #1 spot. For the most recent updated version (September 23rd 2020), finally this application gives a floating notification that we get hearts after we comment in the “Community” (refers to picture below). Because, based on experience, many of my friends say that if we write comments in the “Community”, we will get hearts which are very useful for voting. I realized that there was. However, this application doesn’t tell you at all and suddenly appears on the heart dashboard. Well, even though there’s also in the “Usage History” menu, I think it’s a bit “complicated” because we have to go to our profile page first. So far, IDOL CHAMP is my version of the best application. It got #4 spot with 7 voters as well. Amazing app!

Floating Notification at IDOL CHAMP (credit to myself)
Bar Chart of IDOL CHAMP

I can conclude here that neither app is perfect. Even the app that I think is the best, it also has drawbacks. That’s the point of updating app that we often encounter on the Playstore or Appstore, which serve to “perfect” the product again so that users are more comfortable and will continue to use it.

All of these reviews are purely from my own opinion and are not influenced by anyone, including from the questionnaire I shared with some of my friends who are fellow app users. It wouldn’t be wrong if people have different opinion with me because our experiences also different. Hmm, then maybe I will discuss about K-Pop relationship and technology again (well, because this blog is meant to discuss that lol) in other fields or something other than K-Pop. So, see you in the next post!